Women and Oral Health – Dental Health Week

Our dentists at Channon Lawrence Dental know just how important good oral health is for the women they treat on a daily basis. Along with the hygienists and oral health therapists they continually offer ongoing education.

Why particularly women at the moment?

The Australian Dental Association has chosen to focus on Women and their oral health for their major annual oral health promotion – Dental Health Week. Given that puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause can all have an impact on oral health, it’s something that affects a little over half the general population and therefore an important message.

During puberty women are more prone to gingivitis, whilst menstruation can see more red and swollen gums. In fact there are certain days in your cycle that are preferable for a dental check up as it means less sensitivity for you.

Pregnancy, already a challenge for many ladies, can bring bleeding gums and lumpy lesions along with it. Food cravings can see an increase of sugar-inducing plaque and vomiting with morning sickness can see an increase of erosive acid stripping enamel off your teeth. During pregnancy a dentist should be consulted regularly, much like your GP or obstetrician.

And while many women may be thinking about slowing down a little with retirement or focusing on their grandkids during the menopause years, the body has other ideas when it comes to your oral health.  Inflamed gums, a dry mouth, burning sensations and even altered tastes can all be a side effect of menopause.

All of these stages can be managed and supported with the help of your dentist, oral health therapist and hygienist.

For more information on these life stages and the impact on your oral health, please see here:

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