Myofunctional Therapy

The development of orthodontic appliances means many problems can be corrected in children much earlier than previously done.

These removable appliances work two fold – firstly they correctly align the teeth and jaws. Secondly they work to correct the underlying issue that is causing the misalignment – for example tongue thrusting or mouth breathing.

If your child is showing any of the below signs, please contact us today for an assessment.

  • Crooked, misaligned teeth
  • A jaw that does not seem correctly aligned, it juts forward or recedes
  • Mouth breathing
  • Snoring
  • Thrusting the tongue forward to the roof of the mouth at rest or during speech
  • Reverse swallowing – i.e. swallowing with the tongue pushed forward and to the roof of the mouth

Following assessment, we may recommend your child be provided with a specifically designed orthodontic appliance to suit their particular needs. Typically these appliances are only worn for a few hours during the day and all night.

In addition to the orthodontic appliance, we will teach you and your child a series of exercises to retrain the muscles and tongue to allow them to correct their swallowing and/or breathing.

Compliance and individuality is a major factor in the success of a Myofunctional appliance; it is not predictable how well your child’s teeth and jaw may respond. As the first phase toward teeth and jaw correction, it is often followed with fixed braces to complete the process.

Please contact our friendly reception staff to find out more. Call 07 5482 7688 or contact us through our request an appointment page.