Preventative Oral Health Consultations

We have a firm belief at Channon Lawrence Dental that prevention is better than cure.

The concept behind Preventative Consultations is two fold. Firstly we can identify disease and instigate treatment or prevention. Secondly we can identify risk of diseases occurring and implement strategies to remove or manage said risk.

These strategies can incorporate diet reviews, counselling-inquiry, assessing disease knowledge, implementing preventive measures and assessing lifestyle habits that impact your oral and systemic health.

Risk management and identification will go through several stages throughout your life and will require different strategies at different stages.

If disease is found and treatment is necessary however, the earlier treatment commences the more effective it will be.

We offer professional cleans and examinations in all Preventative consultations.

Please contact our friendly reception staff to find out more. Call 07 5482 7688 or contact us through our request an appointment page.