Amalgam Removed Safely

Dental amalgam is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture commonly used to fill cavitities caused by tooth decay. There have long been concerns about the use of amalgam given one of its components is mercury, a potentially toxic metal.

At Channon Lawrence Dental we have never used amalgam as a filling material and offer a safe way of removing any amalgam fillings you may currently have.

During amalgam removal the aerosols generated have long been a concern to dentists and health professionals. We use the IQAir Dental Pro air cleaning system, which cleans the air during amalgam removal by constantly drawing in polluted air and exhausting filtered air back to the room. It contains high-efficiency particulate filters, as well as substantial gas-phase filters for mercury vapours, disinfectants and volatile organic compounds. This system complements the Channon Lawrence Dental best practice technique of tooth isolation using rubber dam during all amalgam removal procedures.

Rest assured you will receive the highest level of clinical care in an environment that is as environmentally safe as can be made at this time for amalgam removal.

If you would like to read about the IQAir Dental Pro click here.

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