A mouthguard is a removable, soft and flexible shield placed over teeth. They are normally only worn over the upper teeth. They are ideal to protect the teeth when worn during vigorous or high contact sports.

Whilst you can purchase a generic mouthguard from pharmacies, these are a ‘one size fits most’, and as such they generally fit poorly and are uncomfortable to wear. We do not recommend these as they offer little protection to your teeth.

Bespoke custom fitted mouthguards provide your best protection against damage in the event of an injury. We construct this mouthguard directly from a mould taken from your teeth. As these mouthguards are personally customised for you, the fit is snug, much more comfortable and most effective in preventing injuries to your teeth.

We particularly recommend mouthguards for any sport where there is a chance of a knock to the face such as rugby, soccer, martial arts and boxing.

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