At Channon Lawrence Dental our aim is to help patients keep their teeth for life. However it is a sad fact that many people have already lost teeth and may need dentures.

It is a removable appliance that replaces teeth. We can replace all the teeth (full denture) or only some of them (partial denture).

Advances in ceramic porcelain technology means you can have beautiful, aesthetic dentures which mirror a natural smile. We can also hide the attachments of the traditional metal hooks used to hold partial dentures in place. They will look natural and you’ll be able to smile with confidence again.

We find whilst being fitted, patients often take this opportunity to whiten the surrounding teeth. The new partial denture teeth can be matched to the whiter, brighter colour.

Implant Supported Dentures – All on 4 – a Modern Missing Teeth Solution

Advances in dental implants means full upper and/or lower set can be ‘locked’ into place with the support of dental implants. Single or multiple missing teeth may also be candidates for dental implant replacement (see Implant information).

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