Do you suffer with asthma? Snoring? Anxiety and panic attacks?

Correcting your breathing can change your life!

Did you know that snoring is a faulty breathing condition due to mouth breathing and fast, high volume breathing.

Faulty incorrect breathing pattern is characteristic in ALL people with:

Asthma  |  Snoring  |  Sleep Apnoea  |  Nasal Problems  |  COPD |  Chronic Cough | Anxiety and Panic Attacks | Breathlessness | Crooked teeth

All these conditions are incorrect breathing problems.

Every second adult and 1 in 4 children are snoring their health away. Over 50% of adults may have sleep apnoea; 14% of adults have an anxiety disorder and 25% of children have asthma. Many children have crowded and crooked teeth because of mouth-breathing and will go on to have a much higher risk of sleep apnoea.


Modern medicine does not even measure a person’s baseline breathing. All are treated separately and symptomatically only with drugs, CPAP or surgery.

People’s breathing changes just like fitness, weight and flexibility. Faulty breathing is a gradual result of breathing too much air – too fast and/or too deeply.  As a result many people mouth breathe.

The Breathing Retraining course using the Buteyko Method teaches you how to “reset” or normalise your breathing pattern; day and night, awake or asleep.

It takes 5 sessions of approximately 2 hours.
The first session is a free introduction on Monday September 26th at Channon Lawrence Dental in Gympie at 6:30pm.

The course then follows Tuesday through Friday for 2hrs every evening.

Changes usually occur within days are a long term.

You can expect to:

Transform mouth breathing
Learn to nasal breathe both awake and asleep
Reduce snoring
Become asthma and drug free
Eliminate sleep apnoea and avoid CPAP
Clear your nose and reduce allergies
Enhance your sports performance

When: Monday 26th September through to Friday 30th September inclusive.

Time: 6.15pm registration for a 6.30pm start. Sessions are 2hrs long.

Where: 90 Channon St Gympie

For more information please see or call 1300 766 053.

Payment plans are available on application.

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