Introducing Channon Lawrence Dental Junior!

At Channon Lawrence Dental we support all ages within their dental journey. However did you know we have a full time Oral Health Therapist – Jason – with a special interest in children’s and teen’s dentistry?

Jason is a father himself to an active little toddler and understands the fears and anxiety children may display about their visits to the dentist.

As such, we have launched Channon Lawrence Dental Junior to cater to all children’s and teenager’s dentistry needs.

Practicing dentistry since 2004, Jason has over a decade worth of experience working with children and teenagers and settling their minds. Jason has an exceptionally calming manner about him combined with a very gentle approach and fun and friendly nature. Although not all children and teens are able to be treated in the dental chair Jason’s success rate at converting apprehensive children has remained exceptional.

Jason graduated in 2003 from the University of Queensland and awarded a BAppHSc (Oral Health).  After practicing in numerous fixed clinics and the Brisbane Dental Hospital, he made his way to Gympie in 2005. Jason’s focus at Channon Lawrence Dental is on children’s dentistry, minimal intervention and preventive techniques.

Having an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Jason studied at the University of Adelaide and completed a Graduate Certificate in Dentistry in 2010. This deepened his philosophy on Minimal intervention techniques, early intervention methods and cemented the preventive focus he is well known for. An opportunity to further study arose at the University of Melbourne – Jason was one of only 16 applicants selected Australia wide to study the newly developed advance scope course offered at the University. He completed the study with a Post Grad qualification in Advanced Clinical Practice in 2015.

Married with a young son Jason spends generous amounts of time with his family. If there’s any time left over he will be surfing, travelling and delving head long into anything musical he can get his hands on.

If your children or teenagers would like to start looking forward to their dentists visits, give Channon Lawrence Dental Junior a call today on 5482 7688.


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