CLD Embraces the latest Italian technology for Dental Implants

Concentrated growth factor for bone augmentation – the latest Dental Implant technology.
Part of our everyday dental care here at Channon Lawrence Dental are dental implants. Single, multiple or all-on-4, we can help.

So we’re incredibly excited to be able to announce we can now offer Concentrated Growth Factor for Bone Augmentation (or CGFBA for short).

A dental implant is simply a permanent and artificial tooth root that is surgically attached into your jawbone to hold a replacement tooth. Over time the implant will naturally integrate with the bone to form a secure foundation for your replacement tooth (or crown).

The stronger the jawbone/fusion, the better the result.

Unfortunately in a lot of implant cases we find there is not enough bone to attach the implant to.  So now we have embraced the latest Italian technology – CGFBA – into the Practice.

CGFBA is a procedure that uses a patient’s own regenerative abilities to enhance the growth of soft tissue and new bone whilst prompting the healing process.

This technology allows us to take the patient’s own blood and run it in our Centrifuge machine. This machine spins the blood incredibly quickly leaving us with two by products – the red blood cells and the plasma. We take this platelet rich plasma and mix it with an FDA approved de-proteinised bone material.

When it is time to insert the implant into your jawbone, we gently surround it with your plasma mix enclosing all the material with your own tissue. (We think of it as snuggly wrapping your new implant up in a doona!)

This method has been proven to vastly improve the body’s own healing ability and enables the bone to grow at a quicker rate. Not only does this translate to better success in the short term with the bone/implant fusion and soft tissue healing, but long term it will result in a more stable implant.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this new technology in the Practice and invite you to come and look at our new Centrifuge machine at your next visit!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

For more information, please contact reception today.

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