Children and their dental development

So, the search for the ideal school for your children’s education is on, but how about your children’s dental health?


Children’s dental development (like their education) requires a tailored approach to manage their specific needs at every step along the way. Just like their general growth and learning, their dental growth is rapid and varying in the early years. Due to the modern day diet, there are significant risks for “hiccups” like dental decay and erosion. Given the current tendency to eat more processed foods over food in its natural state, we are seeing decay rates among children and adolescents climb back above levels not seen in Australia for generations.


Just like school homework, your children need to do their ‘dental homework’. Twice daily brushing for 2 minutes accompanied by flossing nightly will see happier mouths. Baby teeth are softer with thinner enamel; adult teeth take up to 12 months to mature once they’ve erupted into the mouth. Therefore, homecare continues to be the mainstay of dental care but continues to be overlooked by many.


Like your children’s school, you need a Dental Practice that can cater for their specific needs and offer it all at the one facility for consistency and convenience. At Channon Lawrence Dental we offer a strong focus on basic preventive care in the early years with more advanced services such as general restorative and orthodontics if required down the track.


Channon Lawrence Dental can deliver holistic dental care to your children. With over 80 years’ combined experience, why would you entrust your children to anyone else?

Channon Lawrence Dental, your local Gympie dentist.

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